On November 18, 2003 Tina arrived from Florida. Lisa at Beginners Basics was kind enough to let me care for this beautiful little girl. One of Tina's siblings nipped part of her leg and caused substantial damage.

Update November 25, 2003: On Saturday, November 22nd, Tina's leg was amputated to reduce the risk of infection and to help her heal faster. It was hard watching her drag that wilted leg around. I got to help in the amputation process and I learned a lot. As the vet was amputating her leg, he started just below the knee where the dead tissue started. When he didn't see any living tissue he amputated further up until he found healthy tissue. Also, the middle of her leg was full of puss, so he had to make sure to get all of that out. He had to amputate almost all of her leg to get it all. When he was finished snipping, he finished it off with two stitches. Poor little thing. She's been through so much, but hopefully that was the worst of it. Now she seems to be doing very well and able to chase after crickets once again.

Updated June 12, 2004: Tina made the journey from Oregon to Alabama safely. Her new adoptive home with Dean and Melissa is so much more than I could've ever dreamed of. When Dean and Melissa lost their dear Calvin (bearded dragon of 7 years) they were heart broken. Melissa and I became friends and planned the adoption and Tina's journey to Alabama. Shipping Tina wasn't easy, because I've never had to do it before. I prefer not to ship animals in the mail unless it's absolutely necessary. And in this case, it was well worth it!

Dean and Melissa are two very special people who have gone way out of their way to make sure Tina will be comfortable and very happy. They built a custom cage just for her and have made several adaptions for her after she arrived. They were surprised when Tina was able to climb around so well on her 3 legs. And ever more shocked when the leaped after the crickets! LOL

Thank you Dean and Melissa! You have a very special dragon and I appreciate what you are doing so very much. And thank you for sending me the wonderful photos! I look forward to seeing more!

Update September 24, 2004: Tina has turned out to be a beautiful girl! Check out her new pictures below!

Update January 12, 2005: When Cheri S. saw the photo of Tina's legs and the prominent femoral pores, she immediately thought Tina was a boy. I would have to agree. Looks like our little angel is all grown up now. Melissa and Dean have been taking excellent care of him and go to any length to make sure he gets the best of care. Thank you so much for everything you have done for this amazing beardie. You two are very special.

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Welcome home
Tina's mangled leg
Before amputation
After amputation
Tina waving
Getting ready to be
shipped to Alabama
Just arrived in AL
Bath time
Dean and Tina
Tina's castle
Melissa with Tina
Fat belly!
September 2004
Tina's bran box (can
you see her?)
July 2004
January 2005
January 2005
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