Feeding & Injectable Syringes

Feeding Syringes: Are essential for dosing oral meds and giving liquids such as slurries and electrolytes. These syringes are disposable and do not have needles. They are made of polypropylene, a non-toxic plastic.

The 1cc size (pictured right) will fit our feeding nipples.

The 0.5cc is great for giving very small amounts of meds, like the Liquid Panacur.

The 1cc and 5cc are available in sets of 2, but the 0.5cc is sold separately because it's a specialty size that we have to custom order.

Insulin Syringes: These syringes are required for giving subcutaneous injections (SQ) just below the skin.

Understanding how to read Insulin Syringes:

This website may help understand how to use an insulin syringe... www.bd.com


Feeding Syringes (NO needle):

$1 (0.5cc, each)

$1 (1cc, set of 2)

$1 (5cc, set of 2)

Injectable Insulin Syringes (WITH needle):

$1 (0.3cc, 30 gauge, 5/16," each)

$1 (0.5cc, 28 gauge, 1/2," each)

$1 (1cc, 28 gauge, 1/2," each)



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