Solarmeter 6.2 by Solar Tech

The Solarmeter 6.2 is the most accurate hand held ultraviolet (UVB) radiometer on the market. And is the most popular reptile lamp UVB meter in the world! This tool will save you hundreds of dollars over its life by enabling you to accurately determine when your bulbs need replacing and which ones are worth buying. No more guessing! And no more worrying that you don't have the proper UVB for your reptile!

Solarmeter 6.2 Specifications:

Irrad. Range: 0-1999 µW/cm² UVB
Response: 280-322 nm
Resolution: 1 µW/cm²
Conv. Rate: 3.0 Readings/Sec
Display: 3.5 Digit LCD
Digit Size: 0.4 inch high
Oper. Temp: 32° F TO 90° F
Oper. Humid.: 5% TO 80% RH
Accuracy: ±10% REF.NIST
Dimensions (in.): 4.2L x 2.4W x 0.9D
Weight: 4.5 OZ. (incl. batt.)
Power Source: 9-Volt DC Battery
Lens: UV Glass
Diffuser: Virgin Teflon .003"


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