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The Happy Hammock is designed and made by Beautiful Dragons!

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$18 (1 oz) ($18/oz)
$30 (2 oz) ($15/oz)
$89 (8 oz) (11.13/oz)

Liquid Panacur


$10 (.25 oz)
$18 (1 oz)


$13.00 (box of 10 packets)


Terramycin Opthalmic Ointment

$18 (1/8 oz)


2.5% Baytril

Click this link for more information & pricing.


Photo coming soon...


(Pyrantel Pamoate)


$10 (.25 oz)
$18 (1 oz)

Amoxicillin Suspension (25 mg/ml)


Amoxicillin Capsules (250 mg)


Flagyl Suspension (liquid) - Metronidazole

$22 (1 oz) ($22/oz)
$128 (8 oz) ($16/oz)

Calcium Gluconate

(Injection only)

$10 (7 ml)


Tylan 50

$10 (8 ml)

Calcium Glubionate


$16 (1 oz) ($16/oz)
$64 (8 oz) ($8/oz)

Seachem Metronidazole

$10 (5 grams)

Calcium & Vitamin Supplements


$7 (2 oz)

Calcium Carbonate


$5 (5 oz) ($1/oz)
$12 (16 oz) ($.75/oz)
$20 (2 lb) ($.62/oz)
$40 (5 lb) ($.50/oz)

Calcium Glubionate


$16 (1 oz) ($16/oz)
$64 (8 oz) ($8/oz)

Repashy Calcium Plus Powder

$14 (6 oz)

Herptivite by Rep-Cal

$12.50 (3.3 oz)


Electrolyte Powder

$6 (8 oz bag)


Vitamin B Complex


$7 (2 oz) ($3.50/oz)

Zoo Med Repti Calcium (without D3)


$5 (3 oz)

$8 (8 oz)

Zoo Med Repti Calcium (with D3)


$6 (3 oz)

$9 (8 oz)

Zoo Med Reptivite (with D3)


$7 (2 oz)

$14 (8 oz)


Repashy SuperVite

$14 (6 oz)




Food & Meal Replacements

Repashy Crested Gecko Meal Replacement Powder

This mix is an awesome meal replacement for bearded dragons that are off food or being rehabilitated!

$14 (6 oz) ($2.33/oz)

Repashy Grubs N' Fruit

This mix is an awesome meal replacement for bearded dragons that are off food or being rehabilitated!

$16 (6 oz)

Repashy Veggie Burger

$14 (6 oz)

Repashy Bug Burger

$10 (6 oz) ($1.66/oz)

$20 (16 oz) ($1.25/oz)

Pangea Complete Mix


$8 (2 oz) ($4/oz)
$18 (8 oz) ($2.25/oz)

This mix is an awesome meal replacement for bearded dragons that are off food or being rehabilitated!


Rep-Cal Bearded Dragon Diet

$8 (1 lb)


Fluker's Repta Boost

$12 (50 grams)

Zilla JumpStart

$10 (4.25 oz)

Microscopes & Fecal Testing Supplies

Fecal Float Kit

$16 (4 tests)

Fecal Testers


$1 (each)
$45 (box of 50)



$5 (2 oz) ($2.50/oz)
$12 (8 oz) ($1.50/oz)

Microscope Coverslips

$8 (1 oz box)

Microscope Slides

$10 (box of 72)


Microscope 400x


Microscope 640x


Microscope 800x

$215 SALE $169

Parasite ID Chart



MyWeigh Scale




Up to 5000 g or 11 lbs.

Cricket Water


$4 (2 oz) ($2.00/oz)
$12 (8 oz) ($1.50/oz)

Feeding Nipple

$1 ea

(Does not include a syringe)

Feeding Forceps


$5 (5 1/2")
$8 (12")

Feeding & Injectable Syringes


$1 (0.5cc, each) No needle
$1 (1cc, set of 2) No needle
$1 (5cc, set of 2) No needle

$1 (0.3cc, each) With needle
$1 (0.5cc, each) With needle

$1 (1cc, each) With needle


Zoo Med Shedding Aid

$6 (2.25 oz)



$5 (2 oz) ($2.50/oz)
$12 (8 oz) ($1.50/oz)

Solarmeter 6.2

$249 SALE $225

Special Order Only

Heat, Light, UVB, Humidity & Misc. Supplies

CHE Bulbs

$26 - $30

(60 watt - 250 watt)

Bulb Sizes

Zilla Heat Mats

Mat Sizes

Zoo Med Reptisun

Bulb Sizes

Zoo Med Analog Humidity Gauge


Zoo Med Analog Combo Gauge


Zilla Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer


Zoo Med Infrared Temp Gun


Zoo Med Rheostat (150watt)



Zoo Med ReptiTemp 500R 500 watt)


Zoo Med ReptiFogger


Zilla Temp Controllers 500 watt & 1000 watt



Zoo Med Lizard Ladder & Hammocks

$7.00 or $10.00


The Happy Hammock (by Beautiful Dragons!)


Incubation Supplies      

Hatch Medium



Zoo Med Reptibator


Zilla Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer


Reptile Collectables & Gifts

Glass Baron

We currently have 12 different Glass Baron collectables.

We ship all over the World!


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If you require insurance on your package, please email me and I will get you a quote. This is an additional fee, as we only include delivery confirmation in our shipping rates to keep costs down for our customers. You can also opt to have your package held at your local Post Office (free of charge, not available at every Post Office) for you to pick up. But you must let us know asap if you require either of these services.. We will not be held responsible if the Post Office fails to deliver your package.

You should let us know that you need your package held at the post office if the temps in your area are freezing or over 85 degrees and you are ordering perishible items, like Albon, Acidophiliz, etc. You must let us know by emailing me right when you place your order that you would like your package held at the post office for you to pick up. We will not be held responsible if products are ruined by freezing or hot temps.

We ship Tuesday and Thursday mornings by 9am by Prioriy Mail.





Every donation and purchase from this store helps to support our on going rescue efforts. We have researched many hours, and extensively tested all of the products we sell, before offering them to our fellow reptile enthusiasts. We not only believe in what we sell, but we also use the same equipment and supplies in our own home! Please feel free to email us at any time if you have a question, concern, or suggestion. We're here to help!


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