Since we have so many other pets besides bearded dragons, we decided that we needed a page just for our other pets!

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Lucy, domestic rat
Squirt, domestic rat
Squirt, domestic rat
Angela, Red Tail Boa
Romeo, Burmese Python
Romeo, Burmese Python
Thelma (domestic rat) had 14 babies!
Firebellied Toads
Thelma's baby girls
Lucy sleeping with her babies
Thelma's babies
Romeo, Burmese Python
My Dad with Romeo
Lucy feeding her babies
Firebellied Toads
Stitch, male Sugar Glider
Cleo, female Sugar Glider
Stitch as a baby
Peek a boo!
Baby Stitch with his brother
The babies are finally coming out!
The babies never go far from mom!
One female and one male...
So precious!
He's crying!
Phoebie, Red Tail Boa
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