Unfortunately, young dragons can swallow food items that are too large, and they can die. The large food items put pressure on the spinal cord as they pass through the digestive system. If the pressure lasts too long, permanent damage can occur. That's why you should be very careful of what you feed your Dragon, and if your Beardie accidentally ingests a large food item, you need to get him to a position where the stomach is hanging down and not pressing on the spine. I have heard that shaping a washcloth into a donut shape and sitting the dragon on it so his stomach is hanging in the hole is a good thing to do while you are contacting your vet. Also, warm baths and giving small amounts of mineral oil orally can help dislodge the item. If your Beardie extends his hind limbs straight back as though paralyzed or in excruciating pain, he could be paralyzed. (Note: Beardies often extend their hind legs while basking. Don't confuse this posture with paralysis. Just tickle his toes to see if he moves.) If you believe that your Beardie is paralyzed, get to the vet right away. The condition can be reversed if action is taken in time and if the impaction is removed.


This information should be used only as a reference tool and should not be used in place of vet assistance. My views and opinions are the result of hours of dedicated research. But remember, I am not a professional. If you have a sick beardie and don't know what to do, don't play God, take him to the vet immediately.
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