We got Ojay in March of 2001. He has, by far, the most personality of all of our dragons. He is always surprising us. One of his favorite things to do is swimming. I have a large clear plastic container that I fill just high enough for him to be able to swim in. He'll usually do his business in the water - I know it's gross, but at least he gets it out of the way so the fun can begin. Then I rinse and sanitize the tub and fill it again with fresh warm water. He will swim back and forth and swish his tail around like a little crocodile.

In July of 2002, Ojay developed Mouth Rot (stomatatis). We took him to the vet and a mouth culture was done to find out what the cause was. We found out that a Pseudomonas bacteria was to blame. This bacteria is nasty stuff and very difficult to treat. It is highly resistant to many of the common drugs. This type of bacteria normally doesn't go away with the first round of antibiotics. In several cases of this nasty bacteria, the reptile had to endure treatment after treatment to get rid of it. After his first round on ciprofloxin (spelling?) Ojay seems to be doing better.

In August 2003, Ojay's Pseudomonas infection is back. He has the beginning stages of mouth rot and is hardly eating a thing. It's time to start the second round of antibiotics. Ojay's vet wanted to try the ciprofloxin again, for a longer time period this time. We'll see how it goes.

Update: In June of 2006, my beloved Ojay passed away. He will be remembered fondly. He had so much personity. And his cute little face has been made famous as it's on the top of every single page here at Beautiful Dragons. R.I.P. Ojay.

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March 2001
Say ahhh
In a tree in our backyard
Finished brumating yet?
Bath time
Where's my helmet?
This is how you pick up chicks!
Pseudomonas (mouth rot)
He he he
Me & Ojay
Sun cage
La la la ...
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