Handling beardies is so much easier when their nails are kept trimmed. Nail trimming is quite easy and usually does not require a vet visit. However, if this is your first time clipping your beardies nails and you are a bit nervous about clipping too much off, you may want to make an appointment with your reptile vet and have him take a few minutes to show you how. Also, if you start clipping your beardies nails on a regular basis from a young age, most beardies will get used to the procedure and won't even put up a fight.

I use people nail clippers that are clean and sharp. Simply cut according to the diagram below...

No matter how good you are at doing this, there will probably be a time when you get a bleeder. Kwikstop is a great bleeding stopper that is often found at pet stores, but there are other brands which you may find, and cornstarch works really well too. Keep a container of the powder or a small amount of cornstarch on hand when you are clipping nails. Continue holding your beardie for 10 minutes or so after applying the cornstarch to assure that the bleeding stops. (Note: Do not use Kwikstop or any other blood clotting products on cuts, bites, or tips of toes where the claw has been ripped off. These products will cause a very painful, long lasting sting to an open wound, but is not felt on a tiny claw tip.)
This information should be used only as a reference tool and should not be used in place of vet assistance. My views and opinions are the result of hours of dedicated research. But remember, I am not a professional. If you have a sick beardie and don't know what to do, don't play God, take him to the vet immediately.
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