Our good friends at PNWReptileRescue in Portland, Oregon have rescued many tortoises over the years. Recently they took in a beautiful African Sulcata Tortoise and since they already had a 80+ pound Sulcata free roaming in their backyard, they really didn't have room for another Sulcata. So we gladly took him in and named him Mojo - for his delightful and friendly disposition. We're guessing that he's approximately 3 - 4 years old and just under 30 pounds. He should grow to 100+ pounds and will probably out-live me!

Winter's in Oregon can be wet and cold. So near the end of the summer '08, we started to build what would be his home during the winter. His home is now complete and Mojo happily resides in the warmth and security of his very own A-frame house. It has a door with a walk ramp, insulation, heat and UVB lamps mounted and wired, a divider wall to enable a basking side and cooler side, a roof that opens up for easy access, and a 4-foot long state-of-the-art radiant heat panel (not shown in the photos below as this was a recent addition) to deliver warmth from above during the cold nights without flooding his house with light.

Please enjoy the photos below of Mojo and his house.


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His favorite pasttime, munching on grass...
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