Mazuri Tortoise Diet

Mazuri Tortoise Diet is a high fiber diet designed for dry land herbivorous tortoises such as Gophers, Sulcatas and Galapagos. This diet may be used with other herbivorous reptiles, such as iguanas.

Pellet size is 1/2" x 1".

We add warm water to the pellets to soften them before feeding. With finicky eaters, we add a little fruit juice or pureed vegetable (pumpkin works great) and add to the mashed up pellets. We feed this diet year round to our Sulcata Tortoises as a supplement to their daily greens and they love it.

For more information on this pelleted diet, please visit Mazuri's website.

Available in 2 sizes: 1 lb (16 oz) and 2 lb (32 oz) bag.

$6 (1 lb) & $10 (2 lb)

Every donation and purchase from this store helps to support our on going rescue efforts. We have researched many hours, and extensively tested all of the products we sell, before offering them to our fellow reptile enthusiasts. We not only believe in what we sell, but we also use the same equipment and supplies in our own home! Please feel free to e-mail us at any time if you have a question, concern, or suggestion. We're here to help!


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