In August 2002, just before Egor passed away, we rescued our first dragon. Lizzy was a grade school pet in Washington for a year and desperately needed a new home. I was told that a parent purchased Lizzy and brought him into the classroom as a learning tool for the children. Beardies are wonderful around children and this is probably why the parent chose a beardie. Unfortunately, Lizzy suffered greatly. He was left alone in the cold classroom during the weekends, and usually without food. He was handled roughly by the children and has since learned to fear humans, especially children. He was very malnourished, stressed, infected with parasites and tapeworms and in need of immediate medical attention. I am proud to report that Lizzy is now in a loving, caring environment and is very healthy. He may never learn to trust a human ever again, but he will always receive all the love we have to give!

Update December 18, 2004: Lizzy passed away today. It's been a long time since I've updated this part of his page and I feel bad about that. Lizzy grew to over 550 grams and was a healthy, happy member of our family. We had many wonderful moments with him and he won't be forgotten. Lizzy was only 3 years old when he died. The vet said he died of Leukemia (cancer). He went rather quickly and didn't appear to be ill for more than a few weeks. RIP Lizzy. You won't be forgotten!

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August 2002
Cricket hunting
Sleeping in the food dish again
Just woke up
Playing in the bran
Sleeping in the hallway
Lounge lizard
Close up
August 2003
Sleeping in the hallway
Sleeping under the cage carpet
March 2004
Lizzy loves silkworms!
June '04
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