On October 2nd, 2003, I got a beautiful male dragon from Joel Roberts in the mail. This sweet little guy has so much character and personality! I can't wait to see how he developes as he grows. Thanks to Joel and my loving husband, this is the best birthday present I have ever received!

~ Thanks again Joel!

November 2003 Update - Ok, we've finally named this cute little guy. We named him Hollywood. Don't know why, but it just fit him. He is eating great and absolutely loves the Zoomed Can O' Crickets (mini size). They are supposed to be parasite free.

May 2005 Update - Hollywood has grown up into a beautiful beardie. I was contacted by the High Desert Museum (Bend, OR) about adopting a few of our bearded dragons and I told them about Hollywood. They were interested in starting up a desert reptile exhibit and needed some healthy dragons. In May 2005, they adopted Hollywood and gave him a wonderful home!

If you'd like to see Hollywood's growth chart - please click here.

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Such a cutie!
Welcome home!
He loves his hammock!
Me, spoiled?
Hangin' out
Playing in the bran box
Who is that gorgeous dragon?
Yeah, I ride with my humans.
Lounge lizard
Bath time
Sleepy boy
June '04
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