Hatch Medium - 1 gal bag

Eggs must be placed in some type of medium for incubation. We use a mixture of Vermiculite and Perlite, and sometimes just Vericulite - depending on the type of eggs we are incubating. Both are a high grade hatch medium that we use and trust. Be careful what you buy at the garden store as some contain pesticides, fertilizers, and just aren't meant for hatching eggs.

Perlite allows more air folw around the eggs and keeps the water from soaking the eggs. When choosing the * it is IMPORTANT that you do not get the kind that has any soil included. The soil can rot out the bottom of the eggs.

Please research thoroughly when choosing a hatch medium so you will know what kind to get and how to mix it with water. We do not provide instructions with the hatch medium because not all eggs are incubated the same way.



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