The Happy Hammock

The Happy Hammock was originally designed for our special needs beardies. Like the little guy on the cover of this product... Charlie was born blind and we have hand-fed him every day of his life. We wanted to enrich his life, but had to be careful what we placed in his terrarium due to his limited sight.

Charlie can be found basking on his Happy Hammock throughout the day and he often falls asleep on it. We hope your reptiles get as much enjoyment out of their Happy Hammock as Charlie has.

Our hammocks are made out of a durable heat resistant material so you can place it under the basking light without worry. Adding one of these to your terrarium adds a whole new level of space and fun!

There are no eyelets in our hammocks so you can trim the hammock to any size you want. Comes with 4 super strong suction cups with metal hooks. You can even place the hammock at a slope so one end is easily reachable.

We may have other sizes available later on, but right now we are offering the 9" x 18" size with 4 suction cups. The 18" width is perfect for any size terrarium up to 18" wide, like 40 gallon breeders, 55 gallon, 50 gallon breeder, etc. You can even trim it to fit much smaller terrariums.

Wash the suction cups before use to get rid of any oils from your skin, and apply to a clean glass surface while they are wet.

$10.00 (9" x 18")

$10.00 (9" x 18")

Every donation and purchase from this store helps to support our on going rescue efforts. We have researched many hours, and extensively tested all of the products we sell, before offering them to our fellow reptile enthusiasts. We not only believe in what we sell, but we also use the same equipment and supplies in our own home! Please feel free to e-mail us at any time if you have a question, concern, or suggestion. We're here to help!


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