I'd love to hear from you! If you'd like to sign our guest book, send an email to Veronica. Make sure to put "Guest book" in the subject line.

Hi Veronica,
I am making 8 platforms for the new cages me and my boyfriend built for all my dragons. I just finished on! I didn't think putting the grout on would take so long lol. I just had a quick question for you? Since you are using one you made in a cage with an adult dragon what is your experience with clean up? I did a really thick coat of sealant but im nervous that if they poo on it, it will be a nightmare to clean cuz of the grout being very textured. Any info you could give me would be great!


Hi Veronica,
No problem, the videos were really very touching. The wee guys will to live and prosper should be a lesson to us all.

Keep up the good work, I will definitely come back to the site to see whats happening.

Take care

Jim (donated to LG's fund)

Hello Veronica,

I received your order and was impressed by how everything was carefully packed and labeled....thank you. I just finished ordering the critical care package (I realized I accidentally left it off my initial order).

Thank you again for your amazing website and insight (you should consider having a Facebook page...it may bring in more people to your store and help with your rescue efforts).


Hi my name is Jan, I'm from newzealand. I got my first bearded dragon 6 months ago, called Elliott. Your site is great, I got all my information off it, before i got him.

Just want to share something I came up with to day, to get him to drink and bath without having to take him out of his set up to bathe him. I found a plastic oval dish, just a good size for him to sit in. Then found a old fish tank pump, put warm water in the bowl, put the pump tube in the water, turned it on, and as soon as the bubbles started he was in it, spent ages going in and out, sitting in it, and drinking. I have always had to mist him to get him to drink, so now i have solved 2 problems.


Thank you. Your website has made me aware of my bearded dragon's health. Sometimes an animal looks well but it is actually not. Thanks again for this great resource.

I will be in touch soon.
My beardie, Yoshi, is just about 2 years old. I have been hesitant to try new foods like fruits. I found your nutrition guide amazingly helpful! I feel confident in feeding Yoshi new items on your list!
Thank you-
Hi Veronica,
This is my second order with Beautiful Dragons. Thank you for the website and all of the information, and having the products available to us. Your site and products have been extremely helpful to me so far.

I have an 8 year old male, Rufus, who started acting differently a few weeks ago. He hasn't been interested in eating at all. After reading your information, I purchased some critical care food, calcium, and a fecal exam kit.

He hasn't had a bowel movement, even after he ate some of the critical care food mixed with water and baby food. I soaked him in the bathtub on Saturday, and after 20 minutes, he did his business. I gathered some and performed the fecal exam, and found coccidia (the ID chart was very helpful). So I am eager to get this shipment and start treating him.

I am still unsure how he contracted the coccidia. But I am hopeful I can get it cleared up and having him back to his usual self, he hasn't bobbed his head in weeks.

Thank you again for your wonderful site and information, it has been so helpful.

Awesome website! I am the proud Nana to a 15 month old beardie, Pepe Griffin Sterling. He belongs to my ten year old son, but I love him just as much. We were in dire straits to find a good website for "correct and helpful" information, and this is it. Our little fella has been sick, but is on the mend. Your nutrition guide got praises from Pepe's doctor.

Glad you are out there.

Terrific site... very interesting & informative coverage, especially for a newbie like myself... I just 'inherited' two beardies from my grandkids & am still learning about their care & feeding. Is it at all possible to get some questions answered.. or request topics to be covered? I'd really appreciate opinions from folks like yourself... tx
THANKS for a great web site,had to check it out after hearing people talking about it over here in the UNITED KINGDOM.

Thank you so much!

You probably already know this but your website has helped me a lot, and winter is coming, so squash is gonna be very cheap, can't wait to build that project during the June holidays, (THANK YOU FIFA!) SIX WEEKS OF NOTHING TO DO!

Thank you very much for your help!

Wow! Amazing website! Helped me so much, bearded dragon.org and arachnoforums.com led me to your web, I love the rescue stories, I find the nutrition content extremely useful and especially how to make your own platform!!!!!! You are about to make a happy dragon even more happy!! With a new diet and a huge platform I'll soon make, here in south Africa a platform can cost up to R500! And I think the rating is R7 to the dollar (I think) so it would be around $71 US, but now I can make my own huge beautiful platform in my own image for only R200 ( $28 ) thank you very much!
Hi Veronica!

I been using your caresheet as a guide for around a year now and it is brilliant! Thanks.


I will continue to purchase from you. You come highly recommended from Anthony at Rockinar Dragonz.
Hi Veronica,
I would like to tell you that I respect what you do for reptiles. I read some of the stories on your website and just couldnt stop crying. I have a bearded dragon myself named Sammuel Optimus Prime. He is a German Giant cross Red Sandfire and the sweetest little man in the world. I found your website very usefull. Thank you so much!!!

Chantel and Sammuel Optimus Prime (British Columbia, Canada)

My son and I loved your website. There was so much information that we were unable to find anywhere else, unless we were willing to pay $10.00 to have one question answered. Our new (and first) 6 month old Dragon, Ellie, is beautiful. We really wanted to make sure she was getting the best care that we could give her. And not knowing much about them, we searched for info on the foods they should and shouldn't eat, safe habitats, cleaning products that were safe to use, etc. We found everything on the Beautiful Dragons site.We also loved the pictures of the dragons rescued, especially Lumpy and LG. I cried my eyes out. Thank You so much for being available! We will most definitely be returning to this site.

Sincerely, Angela (Ohio)

Thank you Veronica! A fellow forum member (chameleonforums.com) led me to your site. I have to say I'm very pleased!

Will certainly suggest you in the future. :)

Hi, I just wanted to thank everyone here at Beautiful Dragons for your help. I have always wanted one when I was a little kid and now I am a new beardie owner and I have 2 dragons. Helios is the male (named after the sun god Helios) and Faye is the female. I am taking real good care of them and I just absolutely love them! I hold them every day. I hope that they will love a long and happy life and I hope that I do a good job at raising them. I can't thank you enough for all your hard work and research for taking care of bearded dragons. I will continue to come to this site to learn more and purchase some books as well. Thanks for all your hard work! Feel free to post my picture of my dragons on your site.

Thank You!

Christian (Canada)


Hey, I just wanted to say what an amazing site you have going on here I'm glad I found it. It will be very helpful with my future caring for my beardie and my plan to breed in the near future! I'm excited to start building his own basking area when I can and its all thanks to you!

I just wanted to say thank you for what you do! I have a great 5 month old bearded dragon his name is Buba.

I am Molly and I got a bearded dragon in June. I named him Fred (at least we think it is a him). I love Fred! He has grown from about seven inches to 13 inches! We love to watch him eat his crickets and veggies. We love your website and my dad and I are looking into making a larger terrarium. Thanks for all you do.


Hi Veronica,

By the way love your web site. Thanks for all the info on your website it helps many people with proper care for there dragons.

Thanks for supporting the care and love for the Bearded Dragons.

Joshua Livingston

Livingston Lizard Lounge

What a great site, we were searching for info and found alot here, my sons anole died and we wanted a more personable creature and began the study of the perfect lizard for my son and I, we have decided the beardie is for us!! We are getting ready to get one soon and wanted to study up on them before the purchase. This is a great site, we are so thankful for all the stories!! Keep up the good work!!

Tamii W.
Hello Veronica,

First of all I want to say that I love your website and all the information that is on it. Thank-you very much for the time and devotion you've put into bearded dragon research in order to help others. :-)

-Vigely & Julie

I just found your website today and love it! Your nutritional content page is absolutely invaluable. Here are my girl dragons, Bella & Lo, engaging in their favorite activity--basking in the morning light while staring out our living room window.

Keep up the good work.

Thank you SOOO much Veronica! I received my order today and my babies thank you! =) I am really glad I was referred to your website and will buy from you again!

Hi Chris from Maine, just got a baby red beardie and was checking out your sight. Appreciate you taking the time to put alot of useful information that I can understand. I added your sight to my favorites.

Just went through your whole site and is the best I have been as there is a lot of fake sites that tell a load of rubbish about beardies.

I have just bought my second and she is only a few weeks old also have one at 14-15 months old he is great just one problem am not sure what kind he is.... could you tell from the picture that i send?

Hi, I am so glad you care for bearded dragons. I am going to get one in the next few weeks and if it was not for your site then I would still be going from site to site looking for information, but you guys saved me with putting it all on one site, and I am sure if I follow your guidelines on how to take care of my beardie then he should live a happy healthy life. So thanks for all your help.

From a first time beardie owner

Dear Veronica,

Everything came on time and wonderfully packed. Thanks so much for your promptness and great customer service!

Mary Ann

My husband Frank and I became proud parents of 2 Beardies which we named Heckle and Jeckle. Your website was suggested to us by our local pet store.

We would like to thank you and all the friends of Beautiful Dragons for the guidance given to us to make their home comfortable and the help we needed for the raising and caring of these wonderful animals. After viewing your website and the submissions by friends, I proceeded to build their environment which saved us not only money but probably the headache of figuring out what and how to make it beautiful and safe. We went from a 26 gallon area to a wonderful 100+ gallon area to frollick in.

Sue & Frank
British Columbia, Canada

Veronica and Beautiful Dragons,

I just wanted to thank you guys for the valuable information that you share through your site it really helped me with my poor little guy. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Hi there, just a quick note to say that I think your website is absolutely brilliant. I have spent several hours reading through the information and I must say that I have found it very useful. Thanks for taking the time to create such an informative site and keep up the great work! Thank you.

Dean (Norfolk, UK)

I just wanted to thank you for such quick and wonderful service! The products got here in great timing, everything was in perfect condition and packaged wonderfully. I look forward to using beautiful dragons again in the future! Thank you very much!!

Hi Veronica,

I am a bearded dragon owner and love your website. I have learned so much from the info you have provided there. And we have a very happy "Izzy" because of the education.

Thank You,

Dear Veronica, We love your web site (beautiful dragons) and the research and info you provide is outstanding and we thank you for your great work you've done to help us understand and make it easier for use to give all of our dragons the best possible health and life that they deserve. We are in the process of building our web site for our beardies that we sell, and feeders, proper lighting & cages. Our goal as a family is to offer the best possible info for customers to be able to house and feed and care for there dragons properly, and lets face it there is a lot of people and pet stores poisoning people with the wrong care info and setups. Thanks for your time Veronica and keep up the great work.

Lee & Lisa

I found your site to be amazingly helpful! I just adopted my first beardie. I work at the SPCA and one came in that was left in an aparment. The tennents skipped town without paying rent, took ALL of their items except the dragon, which they left in a cage on the floor without food or water. I fell in love with this little creature as I nursed it back to health and by the time he was ready for adoption I couldn't stand the thought of being without him and so here he is, home, with me :) I've done ALOT of reasearch, especially cause I've never had a dragon before and I am confidant in knowing what it needs to be happy. I want to give him the world!!! Your feeding chart has helped me more then I can thank you for! Thanks to your info I was able to provide him with what he needed to get healthy again. Thank you for providing so much help and info to us newbs!


I just wanted to let you know that I love your live cam feed. It’s a fun idea! I have been watching it whenever I miss Brutus, my 9-month-old dragon.


Thank you so much and my beardies thank you too! I can now get my sick babies well again I do not have the money to go to a vet anymore and I know how to medicate my babies so now I can! Thank you so much I will spread the news about you. I will be buying almost all your products in the future!

Thank You!


Hi Veronica,

I just wanted to share with other reptile enthusiasts my Bearded Dragon's Rock wall! I made the rock wall in two separate parts - took me about 3 - 4 days working 5-6 hours everyday on it.... but BOY DID IT SURE PAY OFF! This is my first ever big project that I can now be proud of and actually have it put into good use!

Oh and thanks for such an amazing site. I really appreciate it!


You have a wonderful site, with lots of helpful information on beardie care. I rescued a beardie & a uromastyx last year, so I know how much work it can be to save these animals from stupid humans that don’t know any better. I love the work, because they are so worth it! I just wanted to say thanks for all you've done on your site, it is greatly appreciated!

Ashe’keilla & Raydawn


I have an older bearded dragon named Spike who I have had to syringe feed for almost a year now as he refused to eat on his own. I've tried benebac, adjusting his lighting, adding a heat lamp, everything to try to get him to eat on his own. I finally decided to try the Acidophiliz you sell at your store. I have been using the Acidophiliz for a week and to my surprise, Spike ate his WHOLE plate of food today! He hasn't eaten that much on his own in almost a year! He seems more alert and more willing to bask as of late too.

Thank you so much for recommending this awesome product! Just wanted to let you know it definitely worked for me too!

Ali and Spike =)
Hey Veronica,

Just writing to say thank you for providing such excellent products and for giving me some of the best customer service I have received online to date!!!
Keep up the good work!!!


I love your site!! And all of the information that is on it. My viv that I made last spring for my female Bearded Dragon used to be very open and boring with too much room so I decided to decorate it. I found your plans for making platforms. So days went on while I planned and sketched tens of designs. Then I followed your directions (took about 2 weekends). I finished it about a month ago (forgot to send email). Anyways I really wanted for you to see what I made and was hoping that you could possibly post it on your site with the other beardie owners' platforms. Let me know what you think about my viv, the platform, and my beardie! :)

Thanks for your time,
Jack (Minnesota)

I'm in love with Mojo's pic :) I'm also impressed by his new house. It's really big especially when you compare peopole to it.
Hugs from me and Corsis, who's sleeping on my desk now. :)


Hi Veronica,
Thands for your reply. :) I sent you a photo of my beardie, who is really greatful too. He's name is Corsis and he is about 3 years old. When he was less than 8 months old he started to suffer from MBD. Fortunately it was just first stage of that disease and I reacted quick enough to help him. Now there are no signs that he was so close to die due to my ignorance. From tahat moment I try to do my best in helping others to avoid so stupid mistakes which can cost lives of their pets. Thank you for offering help, the same here if you will find me in some way helpful I would be glad to help. :)

Ana (Poland)

Thank you very much. It's nice to know that there are people out there that are willing to help

Tony H (United Kingdom)

Hi Veronica,

I just want to say that your advice has saved the life of yet another dragon (7 yrs. old). Your method for syringe feeding a dragon with a nipple is a great idea.

Having found your advice, I ordered supplies through you and started using your feeding method immediately with my dragon. Before the nipple method he was able to take food with a syringe, but I had concerns about hurting his gums, teeth, et al with an accidental scrape of the syringe...for example, when he would unexpectedly and quickly move is head, etc...I also feared an accidental poke to the dragon's eye. Your syringe method using the nipple (normally used to nurse baby squirrels) never occurred to me...and I knew what you were talking about as I recently started volunteering at our local wildlife care center.

Because of you, I started him on Acidolphiz which helped spark him along. I will be starting him on the other vitamins your site offers, too...which I just ordered from you this week. Also, your advice on "what" to feed him helped and I bought a hand-held vertical type blender to puree the fresh ingredients, baby food, and AD cat/dog recovery formula and create my "magic lizard health formula"...also adding Pedialyte instead of water to the mix.

The rest of the story:

Lizardo was ill with an unknown infection (white cell count high) and the vet had me give him Cipro for 2 weeks. He was lethargic and would not eat except for a worm here and there...which was causing a fast and deadly weight loss and atrophied muscles. Just a note: Other than the Cipro, this vet showed little interest my lizard's general welfare and gave no other advise. I really think that the calcium imbalance that you describe on your site is a "key" issue here, but the vet did not bring this up at all...and the blood test showed "okay" levels of calcium. However, during my initial visit with this vet, he did give a calcium injection "just in case" before the blood test results came back...and gave me oral calcium to administer. When the test showed "normal" calcium, the vet told me to discontinue the calcium supplement...but gave no other advice...in the meantime my lizard continued to suffer, lie around, and become weaker. I don't believe the blood test told the whole story.

***Only you and other kind people on the Internet gave the "initial" life saving advice...such as starting off with baby food, syringe feeding, and

Due to the lack interest and advice of the 1st vet...I found a "very caring" vet, Dr. Jennifer "Star" Steward of the VCA Orchard Plaza Vet Clinic here in San Jose, CA. Dr. Steward fine tuned his care with advice on amounts to feed, temporarily increase protein, give oral calcium...and she also confirmed that the advice I had found on the Internet was "good" too...that I should continue with what I was doing and implement her medical recommendations as an addendum to this.

She also told me how much to feed him at each meal, how often, and the goal weight we are aiming for is 500 grams...when treatment started he was only 363 grams...I now have him up to 393 grams (a 30 gram gain over about a month, Yay!). Since the initial visit she has kindly taken my phone call check-ins and continued to adjust his treatment objectives as needed. She has even called "on her own" to check on him. I think the fact that she has owned lizards and continues to own lizards, shows that she "loves" lizards and does not treat them as just "another" appointment...adding to her personal and professional expertise. Truly a kind sole.

I also supplemented his care by buying a light weight "big" cage for residence on our balcony (luckily for only $50)...where he can bask in the "real" sun for a few hours a day...and then go back to his permanent enclosure when the sun takes a nap and the "shady" time of day comes.

Lizardo is starting to move around again, wrestle a bit when I feed him, etc. Signs of life and recovery.

Let me know if you would like me to write up what I am doing and my experience with this in a "detailed" with photo inserts for posting on your site...so others may use it to nurse their lizards back to health. I think I am somewhat of an expert on this now...it has been a long haul, lots of time and "RESEARCH".

Your new pal,



Thank you for having such a wonderful site about bearded dragons! I'm a new beardie owner (since May of this year), and I've enjoyed perusing the pictures, stories, and helpful information you've posted! Also, thank you for being involved in reptile rescue. There are so few people willing to do this and so many reptiles that need loving homes.

Thank you for the supplies! You can be certain I will order more in the future!


P.S. Love the "hugs and head bobs" line. I might have to start using that.

As promised, here is the photo of Ellie the Iguana caught in a torrid love affair with her inter-species partner, Ares the Beardie. Aren't they the CUTEST?

Please feel free to post it on your website or share it as you wish.

Best regards,

Ssafe Haven Society for Reptiles and Amphibians
The package arrived yesterday, Friday, and I fed the calcium glubionate to Zuligan. I think the small teat (feeding nipple) is simply magic for feeding beardies.

Thank you ever so much!


Kelvin (Hong Kong)

I have just got two bearded dragons and I know nothing about them. I have been reading a lot of different web site gaining infromation. I found yours to be the most helpful. I bought them off a person who I believe couldn't keep them up. I am doing what I can for them to nurse them back to health. I have never seen them before so I don't know if their actions are normal or if they should be seen by a vet. They are not as pretty as all the ones on your web site, the markings are more dull and they almost look fadded. In one days time they are more alert but I just want to be sure I am meeting their needs. Thank You so much for you time!

Thank You,

Hello Veronica,
I have been a frequent viewer of your web site for some time. I refer back to it often when questions come up about bearded dragons and there care. It is nice to have a web page to go to that has so much information in one place. Thank you!


Hi Veronica,

I stumbled in from another bearded dragon site. I just acquired a pair of adult bearded dragons (14-16 in.) and have been looking for good info to help aid me in their raising and breeding. I have always been a reptile hobbiest of lizards and spiders. Your site has got a lot of great info and pics. I didn't realize there were so many types of beardies. I have been raising a hatchling, currently about 8 in. from the same pair I just recently acquired. The owner, a good friend of mine, could no longer care for them, so I took them in. Beautiful creatures. I have to look around more to see if I can identify the species I have. Well, back to reading and viewiing.

Best regards,
Greg (USA)

Thanks Veronica! Your web page is fantastic! The info has been extremely helpful!

Thank you very much! The order arrived. =) Your site is extremely well done, I always refer friends with beardies to it!

Thanks again!


Hi Veronica,
I can't afford regular visits to the vet for checkups, and thanks to your website, I wont need to (not that I wouldn't should he show even the teeniest signs of anything). I have been looking everywhere for a nutrition guide like yours and it's really good to have found it. I spent the whole day custimizing my beardies enclosure and diet based on what I learned on your site, and he's more active than ever!

If spike could, he would thank you too!

By the way, no worries, Spike is really only 2 inches above the ground in the picture I attatched. =D

Hi Veronica,

My name is Bob and I finally got my Beardie, Nexsys a couple of weeks ago as a Father's Day gift from my wife. I was turned onto your site by a person and the local pet store and I must say it is wonderful. Great information and easy to understand for new owners such as myself. Keep up the good work!


(This is a note from a previous owner of a "rescued" bearded dragon, named Phoenix. He is healthy and it was only a "rescue" in the sense that they were moving and could not take him with them.)

As always, thank you for your quick reply. He looks great and I'm so glad that he has a permanent home now. It is not surprising to hear how much he is enjoyed for that docile, gentle personality of his. Sounds like he got the home he deserved thanks to you. Take care Veronica and thank you for the reply. I've been wondering about him for quite some time....now I can stop:)


I just found your site ... way cool ... my beardie "Spyro" is still pretty small but am going to be making her a platform. Way cheaper than buying at the pet store. Great idea!

Beth and Spyro

Hi Veronica,
I have just come across your webpage and I have to say it is amazing!!!! I am constantly looking for good infomation on these awesome critters....I need not look any more! I live in Australia and even though Beardies are Australian native animals and very popular as pets, there is VERY little info on them here. I have at present 6, and your site has given me sooo much help on the different foods and what nutritional value they have. Though my pets get what I think is the best of the best, your site has tought me that not everything I was giving them was that good for them anyway, and that there is so much more they can eat.
I thought I knew alot about reptiles but your site has shown me there is so much more.
Thanks for the site,
Reptile Lover from Australia

Hi Veronica,

I stumbled onto your website a few months ago. I am the proud owner of a bearded dragon named Sylvia. I found her through work (I work at a vet hospital). She was emaciated when I got her and suffering from MBD - including deformities. The biggest struggle has been getting her to gain weight - specifically convincing that she can't live on crickets alone and that green things are indeed edible. I knew the staples of a good herbivorous reptile diet, but thanks in large part to your website, I was able to include tasty treats to tempt her into eating her greens. In the six months I've had her, she's gained so much weight and become so much more opinionated about life. Thanks for the tip about the mercury vapor heat/UVB lamp. We're due for a new UV bulb and will give this one a whirl.

Thanks, Thea & Sylvia

Update: I forgot to mention that I was also very impressed with the accurate information presented on your website. There is so much misinformation out there about the proper husbandry for reptiles. It's refreshing to know of at least one website that is getting it right. At the vet hospital I work at, almost every single new reptile-owning client that walks through the door is in need of husbandry guidelines and unfortunately, often times the animal has suffered. Thanks so much for looking out for the beardies and other scaly friends. Also I wanted to let you know that the mercury bulb is working out great!
Sylvia's home is warmer and brighter and she is even more feisty about life now in just the week we've had it!
I looked through your photo gallery and came across Gimpy. Sylvia could be his long lost twin - same adorable bugged-eyed appearance.

Thanks, Thea & Sylvia

I got my first beardie for my birthday this year. Her name is Lizzy. My sister told me about your site and I just wanted to say that I love that you took in those sick beardies and helped them to your fullest. I think that it was a great thing for you to do. You are a true caring person in my eyes, and I think that Lizzy would say so too. I'd like to show you her, I think she is very happy seeing that I pretty much give her all my love, care, and we can't forget about time. I really do love what you're doing and i'm hoping some day that I can help out sick animals too, but until then keep up the healing.


I LOVE, with a capital L, LOVE your site. My favorite is the platform one, it's sooo cool. Thanks for making such a great site =) =) =)


I have to comment on the multivitamin with the acidophilus, just wonderful stuff! I raised a clutch of babies on them and the growth rate was phenomenal! Thanks for a great product!

Denise's Dragons

We received the package and had fun going through all the goodies. It was like Beardie Christmas! I gave him the liquid calcium as soon as we got the package. He took it really good...yum yum lick lick lick. The B vitamin complex, not so much! He obviously has dicriminating taste. I put a few drops of the B vitamins and acidophilus on his salad this morning and dusted with the powder calcium. I can't say enough how good he is eating, he really goes after it with gusto. Thanks so much for all your help and for all the products. He is becoming much more active and moving around a lot more. At first, he just laid in the same place for days. We fixed up his tank really neat, with lots of places to climb around and under. We put some alfalfa hay in a little pile and he really likes to play around in it and bury himself in it. It also helps alot to keep his tank smelling nice. He is pooping great, the same time everyday, so I have taken to putting him on a paper towel for poop time and he poops right on it, so easy to clean up. I notice he tends to get poopie on himself, so we soak him in warm water every few days. He seemed to hate that at first, but he likes it now. He runs around in the water and yesterday we noticed he started drinking it. I didn't think that would be too great, but he seemed to like it so much, so I held him under the faucet and let it run over his bottom for a long time to get him cleaned off good, then we put him back in some clean water and let him drink to his heart's content. I was afraid to touch him at all at first, but we are getting very familiar and he doesn't mind being held and bathed. Thanks again for all your help!!!

Hi Veronica,

Thanks so much for taking the time to write me personally.

Currently, I'm mom to 6 adult beardies (age 7-11 years old) and it's so important to make sure they get their vitamins and other nutritional supplements. I'm so glad I found your website, as you carry many of the supplements and meds that they need to stay healthy. :-) Your website is very interesting and informative, and of course, I couldn't help but cry when I read about little "Lumpy."

Anyway, it does my heart good knowing I can help by buying from you. Keep up the good work, and thanks for what your doing to help our scaly friends.

-Donna and the gang (Zipper, Callie, Burrito, Twiggy, Spunky & Hugger)

I use the exo-terra 160 watt solar-glo flood bulb. I am very pleased with it and my dragons overall great health and color. I love your website. thanks for all the great info.


Hi my name is Melyssa and I just have to say that I love the website on beardies. I am currently the proud owner of 2 dragons, 1 male and 1 female. The male came to me with the end half of his tail missing. Turns out he had a run in with a female who wasn't in the mood to mate with him, but I guess he couldn't control himself. I love my beardies and try to take them everywhere I go, introducing them to people who either don't know what a dragon is or happens to be afraid of them. I want people to know how wonderful these animals are. I mean when I move to a house believe me I'll have my own room dedicated to them!! I just want to thank you in your efforts to love as many beardies as you can. It makes me sad to hear stories of people selling their beardies because they are missing their tail or leg or something. Beardies don't change because of something missing from them. They are the kindest most wonderful pets someone could ask for. My beardies are my favorite animals I have. And its crazy because I'm a cat person. Its kinda fun to when you have them out and on the couches or on the floors and then someone sits down next to one and freaks out. Then realizes that they are in their own way like a kitten. I like to tell my friends that Beardies are as cute as a kitten and as cuddly as a porcupine!

Sheesh look at that..Anywayz, thanx so much for being another beardie lover and the web page too!!

Melyssa and her Beardies

(P.S. I also live in Oregon)

Hi Veronica, my name is Chris and my baby girl is Tia. I love this web site, I knew going into it that bearded dragons can be tough to care for if you don't know much about them. I have a friend who has an adult male and I loved how mellow he is, so I really wanted to get one. I went to the local pet store and found Tia for the first time, I was still looking to which one I wanted. Tia stood out from the rest of the beardies with her markings. I fell in love and she kept trying to get to me from my friend who worked at the store. I did not get her that day like I wanted. A few months went by and I had to go back to the pet store and I asked my friend if "my beardie" was still there, she said yes. She has been in my loving care ever since. I'll post some pics of my beautiful baby girl soon. Thank you so much for you hard work, research, and dedication.


Your website is so informative. I wish I’d of found it before my dragon got sick. I took him to the vets and after two courses of meds he is back to his old self again J. When he got sick I joined a bearded dragon forum and someone suggested your website as a source of foods to feed them. When I got to your site I was so impressed that I have passed it on to the pet store where I bought my beardies and also to all my friends that own them. Thanks for putting so much time and effort into helping us beginners give our dragons all they need to stay healthy and live a long happy life.

Keep up the great work!


I am a fairly new beardie owner. I owned an iguana when I was young, but don't have the space for one now. I spent about 6 months researching different species to see if I wanted a chinese water dragon or a bearded dragon, but after speaking to a beardie owner who had owned everything from geckos to iguanas and she sincerely and vehemently stated I should get a beardie, I went for it. I researched them and gathered supplies for another 5 months before actually purchasing Dexter from a reptile shop recommended by a rescue organization out here. I am a huge advocate of rescue and adoption for anything and always have been. I now have a beautiful and healthy boy who is about 6 months old and 11 inches long who I absolutely adore.

I found your website because someone referred me to your Nutritional Information page. Your story about the rescue "Another little one" broke my heart today. I've been in a pet store that housed hatchlings with juveniles (1 had it's tail ripped off and one was dead) and after reprimanding the employees, cried for over an hour. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for trying to save that mistreated and neglected little guy. At least he went with people around him that cared for him. I think your work with reptiles of all kinds is very admirable. I wish there could be more folks in the world like you.


Your site is AWESOME. So easy to navigate. Clear descriptions, amazing! Thank you soooooooooooooooo much for providing this amazing resource.


Hi Veronica!
I received my order today! Thank you SO much for sending it so quickly!! My beardies thank you as well!! I have ordered from you in the past, and will continue in the future. Your service and response time is impeccable!
I want to thank you for taking the time to put together such a wonderful website. I just recently lost a bearded dragon of nine years and I really wish that I had found your site before. I just got a new adorable baby bearded and am so excited about what I have learned. Thanks again for taking the time on such a valuable resource!

The scale is great, it is VERY acurate, and it is very easy to use. Thanks again for another wonderful product. We will keep using your services.


Hello Veronica! Thank you so very much for your wonderful site. I refer to it constantly for the health of my two girls, Puffy and Sasha.

As you know, the battle with Pet Stores is never ending. I would like to ask your permission to photocopy your nutritional page to forward to the owner of our local pet store. They are good people, and willing to learn. Would you mind if I made a copy? We all want the correct info to go to new beardie owners, and potential owners.

Thanks again!

Hi Veronica,

I just wanted to let you know my start was much like yours. My sister has raised reptiles for years. She is the person the Springfield, MO Zoo calls when they get a call for someone to rescue a reptile. I had NEVER had any interest in reptiles. I live in Southern California and while visiting my sister she rescued a dragon that was in a bad way. She gave me a choice, drive us home or hold the dragon. After holding him and helping with him for the week I was there I was in love. I have owned dragons for about 3 years. Bought my first baby at the reptile expo, he was so little and so cute. Max weighted 4 grams when I got him home. Who would have guessed he would turn out to be a male German giant who weighted 714 grams when I placed him with a lady who wanted to breed Germans and needed a male? I currently have four dragons, three females and one male. One I bought and three I have rescued. I love these guys. My dream is to someday own a beautiful red dragon, but that will have to wait until I have money. In the mean time my sewing room has become my “lizard lounge” according to my husband.

I think what you do is wonderful and if I could ever help you, let me know. I am in California so I will probably never get to meet you but dragons are better off since people like you and I love them. Keep up the good work.


Thank you so much for this wonderful web site. We just received your products the other day. My son was thrilled he is new to breadies. Our first is about 6-7 months old and our second about 3 monthss. And your site has been a great help.

Thank you again
The Petskus Family
The calcium glubionate arrived yesterday. We started little Emmy on it within minutes of opening the box. We are injecting waxworms with it, because we're very much afraid we'd break her jaw or severely damage her gums if we tried to force feed it to her. She eats the waxie full of CG, thus getting her dose with ZERO stress! Thank you SO very much for the super-fast shipping of the product. We truly believe that, as young as Emmy is, we can turn this problem around, and get her jaw and bones firmed up. We've always advised people who contact us to "go to beautifuldragons.com and put yourself in Veronica's capable hands." We took our own advice, and are just as happy as we tell our site members they will be. Thanks for being there, and caring, Veronica.

Bobs, waves, and smiles,
Annie and Lisa....and little Emmy
Thank you for your lovely site! I am dragon-sitting this week for my son's young beardie, Jack, and I want to do everything right, so I went looking on the net for more information. Of course my son calls me three times a day to see how we're doing, but I still wanted more information, especially on nutrition and care concerns. Your page on nutrition was VERY helpful! And it's nice to know that my son is doing the right things to keep Jack healthy. On behalf of dragons and their owners everywhere, THANK YOU! ~Margaret
I would like to know if you would mind me placing a link on my dragon page to your website. I have recently started in Beardies and your food page has been a life saver for me (I was provided with some poor information on feeding before). I think your feeding chart is great (hangs on the side of my ice box and another copy stays in my wallet for at the store). I want to provide people with as much information on proper care of these lovely babies as possable and I think your site is a wonderful place for a new owner to start "before" they even buy.
Thank you,
I just wanted to email you to say how absolutely brilliant your site is, I've put the link on every herp-keepers' forum I know (and that's a lot!). Your nutrition section is my beardie bible!

Thanks a heap!
Hi there Veronica, I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you what an awesome dragon page you have. I think I had been there once before but recently someone on myspace has been posting a link to your page a lot on the dragon forum there. I decided to come over and take a look. And
it is, well... BEAUTIFUL!

Thanks for putting all that great info in one place. I intend on linking to your page from mine as yours is so awesome and specific to dragons.

Take care,

Hi, my name is Justin, I am going to get a bearded dragon and I looked through your site and wanted to say thanks. I now know a LOT more than before.


I’d like to thank Skie for bringing my dream to life. My poem is how I feel, I know it’s not the greatest, but when it comes from the heart it means a lot.


Beautiful Dragons

So full of love, so full of spikes,
These mythical creatures, have come to life.

All through childhood, we’ve all read books,
About red, black, blue, green, silver, and gold.

Even growing up, and watching movies,
They are all over, as beautiful as can be.

Then one day I learn, these mystical creatures are real,
My childhood dream, has finally come true.

From small and fragile, to large and strong,
These creatures are Dragons, the most beautiful creatures of all.

Veronica, I think all your hard work on your site has paid off. Very informative and the pics are great!

~Steve (Gresham, OR)

I just love beardies, so, naturally I love this site. I've been wanting a Bearded Dragon for quite some time now, and the care pages have helped greatly.

Paige (Young Town, AZ)

You just don't know how long I have been looking for a site like this for beardies. We have 2 that are about a year old. They are my kids beardies (age 11 & 12) but Mom is the one who loves them everyday. Thank you so much for all your hard work and your love for beardies.

Sincerely, Vicky (Griffin, GA)

I really enjoyed your website and it was a great help in my decision that a beardy was the right pet for me! When I went to the reptile specialty store to inquire about a lizard, the nice young man who ended up selling me my beary recommended I go to this website for more info. I'm glad I did! My dragon is a little boy named Floyd, and he is about 4 months old and we love him very much.


I have been a dragon owner for a year and a half. Started out with a beardie who is just over a year and is just about 14 inches long. This past May I inherited his parents and sister. Who no one even knew was alive! His parents are fat and happy most days, his sister will never be as big as a normal adult dragon. Her growth was stunted and she had to survive mostly off dried greens and dead crickets. How sad! Since we've had her she's grown and is 4 times as big! She's about 10 inches long. And feisty! She eats plenty of crickets and most days she eats greens and veggies twice a day. Anyway, I've printed out your menu for dragons and it's in my purse and goes with me when I go shopping. I just want to say thanks... YOU'VE BEEN WONDERFUL!

Sincerely, Lori (Longview, WA)

Great site! Thanks for the instructions on the homemade basking platform!

~Lane (Delhi, IA)

EXCELLENT SITE and well done! I am a new owner of a BD. I can't wait to bathe Puff now. Thanks for putting up a page that is straight-forward and easy to read vs. conflicting information that seems to bombard new owners!

~Stacy (Brooklawn, NJ)

I got my first beardie today and this has been the most helpful site I have come across. It will be a staple in my web visits for informations on our new family member, Fonzy.

Sarah (Toronto, Canada)

Your website gives a lot of great info not only to new dragon owners but to experienced ones as well!

Joshua (Chesapeake, VA)

Wow! This site is great!!! Good job on rescuing sickly animals. God bless.

Kevin (Chicopee, MA)

Today we welcomed our first beardie into our home, Puff. Your website is absolutely the most informative, helpful, and best organized. Thank you for a fabulous resource! :)

Jennifer and Mike (Gaithersburg, MD)

Very awesome site about beardies! Great job, very informative. Thank you, I now have a renewed interest in reptiles.

Michael (Salem, OR)

Thank you for all the info on your site. We are going to need all of this info. We just purchased two beardies and they're awesome! Now I know we will do a good job raising them with the help of your site.

Celia & Matt (Irvine, CA)

Very impressive and informative site! Looking to purchase a beardie soon and have been doing lots of research. So far this site has been the best and will definitely be recommended to anyone looking to care for a beardie. Great job!

Kyle (Calgary, Canada)

Thank you so much for all the great info. My son found a beardie, "Dash," inside an abandoned car and we have been trying to make sure we are doing all the right things for him. I had no idea how much you can become attached to a reptile. :)

Anita (Santa Cruz, CA)

I was surfing the web hoping to find info about bearded dragons. I found your site and I enjoyed it so very much! My beardie was sick with a rare parasite and thankfully I was able to take him to a great vet! He will be better in no time. Thanks for sharing all this great info.

Kim (Coconut Creek, FL)

This is a great site! Thank you for all your HARD work and your love of these beautiful creatures! You should make the reptile platforms and sell them! If I was handy, and I am not, I would make one just like the one you show on your site. They are awesome! But I am just a GIRL. Lol. I haven't a clue about all that. hehehe. I just might try for fun tho.

Many blessings, Jenny (Saraland, AL)

I love your site! You helped me so much on Kingsnake when Harry passed away. And your food guide helps so much, especially when your going hunting for new food for your beardie. Thanks again, Tom (R.I.P. Harry)
I'm just doing a little research on beardies before making a commitment. I found your info on the Salem, Oregon Humane Society web page. My son and I have never had reptiles and I'm trying to find the best match for our family. Blake is 13 years old and has voiced interest in beardies and I would love any feedback you may have or any suggestions....thanks so much! Christine (Aloha, OR)

I have never been to a site (especially one located outside of Australia) that has as much understanding and love of beardies as this one.

Jacqui (Melbourne, Australia)

I like this site and am very interested in what you do. Your stories are very touching. I will continue to check this site often.

Thank you! Crystal (Vancouver, WA)

Sweet website! It's got everything you need!

K-li (Ireland)

I really enjoyed visiting your site and the info you offer is by far the best on the net as far as I am concerned. Thank you for sharing all your experience with all of us.

Brendan (Johannesberg, South Africa)

I am not a reptile preson. So when I passed by my first beardie in a pet store I was quite surprised to find myself turning back. What a character she was! I didn't know just what characters they could be. I did a lot of research before we bought our first beardie, but I have no doubt that this website saved us, and our beloved beardie, from our ignorance. After about 8 months of having him, I thought we just got a small one until I learned the importance of the RIGHT diet and the RIGHT lighting. He grew so much after we got it all right. We are just so in love with him and he fits in perfectly with the rest of our zoo. Kudos on such a fantastic, informative site. I'm still not a reptile person, but I guess since I coo to the baby beardies I am a beardie person.

Sharon (Wasilla, AK)

You have a great site! It's been very helpful since I brought Chiisai home. From food advice to "OMG what is that smell coming ouf of my lizard!?!" Thanks to you, our beardies parasite problem was caught and fixed quickly. Thanks! :)

Jennifer & Chiisai

Someone referred me to this site and I have yet to finish reading everything here. I am sooo amazed at the things I've learned so far! I thank you for putting this site up! Thumbs up to you. I sure have learned so much, and I'm going to change a few things ASAP. HAT'S OFF!!!

Brandi (Edmonton, Canada)

I recently got a BD and I found this site. This site has helped me understand my dragon. There is so much info here its like an encyclopedia online about dragons. I would enourage everyone to read this site. It will help you. It sure helped me! Once again, thank you for everything!

Dawn (Winnipeg, Canada)

I love your list on plants that beardies can eat. I also love the UVB tests. They help me out a lot in designing and building my 140 gallon tank. Thanks! Love the site! :)

Nic (Bothell, WA)

I read on your In Memory of Loved Ones page... that if you could help just one beardie and their owner, that Egor's death would not be in vein. I know you have done this because you not only helped me with Tres, my 3-legged little guy, but all his siblings at my work! I now can educate future beardie owners the right way to care for them. All because of you! Thank you so much!

Elisha (Piqua, OH)


I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work you have done with this website. I use your Nutrition Content page religously and even have them printed up so that when I go grocery shopping I can offer my babies a variety of veggies and fruit. Please continue keeping up the great work for all of us and future beardie owners.

Stephanie (Las Vegas, NV)

I was worried about my bearded dragon because he has not been eating and has been lethargic. I spoke with someone at a reptile store and they told me about brumation. They also gave me your website. Henry is about 4 years old and never did this before, so I was worried. After reading about this on your website, I feel so much better. :) It is so comforting to know that there is somewhere that I can get info regarding this important member of my family. Thank you!

Carol (Richmond, VA)


I have written to you once before and I just love your site. It's helped both me and my beardie. I'm 12 years old and I got my beardie about a year and a half ago. They're very kind animals. You have a great source of information. I always come back to your site to try to find new stuff I can feed to my beardie. Thanks again!

Melanie (Clackamas, OR)

I love your website! It gave me so much info. I've used your health and food chart with my beardie. he's pretty big, about 1.5 feet. I've told some people about your site, and they've also enjoyed it. Keep up the great work and we just love Socket!!!

Richard (Oregon)

Thanks for all the helpful information. Because of your website my baby beardie is doing so much better!

Kailin (Altamonte Springs, FL)

Veronica, I can't believe what a wonderful direction you've taken with this site. It is so informative and the offerings are fantastic. It is such a great help when helping people in the forums the info here is absolutely keeping many from irritating the carpel tunnel typing syndrome... LOL...I have and will continue sending people here and can't wait to see what you come up with next! Your an amazing person with a heart of gold! Thanks for everything you do for us all! Big Bear Hugs!

Robert Wood and Family (Tulsa, OK)

Hi, I really enjoyed your website and I found it very helpful and informative. I am the proud mum of two beardies. I spent over an hour on your site and still have so much to read here. I will definitely be coming back. Thank you so much for your work on this.


Thank you for helping me discover the wonderful world of bearded dragons. This site is amazing, and has been a lot of help. I especially like the nutritional chart.

Kevin (Canada)

This is the most informative website with useful knowledge on bearded dragons. I will be ordering some of the supplies that you have for sale. My wife and I are trying to set up to sell bearded dragons.

J & P Bearded Dragons (Fort Worth, TX)

Your site is great and I have directed many people to come here for info. Veronica, you have been a wonderful help to me and many, many others. Keep up the great work!

Cheri (Racine, WI)

I love this site! It has helped me save my very dehydrated beardie.

Tyler (Santee, CA)

This website is a vault of wonderful information. I will be back. I learned a lot today. We have had Norbert, our bearded dragon for one year. He is my son's (Davey), althouth I am the primary care giver for Norbert and have fallen in love. :) Davey (age 9) has Asperger's Syndrome, high-functioning autism. Having a bearded dragon has been very good for Davey. Lots of times Norbert comes out after school to "help with homework" - he likes to be on Davey's chest. Thanks again for this great site.

Vicki, Davey, & Norbert (Castle Rock, CO)

This is one of the best websites for Bearded Dragons I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot! The nutrition page is excellent! I can't wait to get a beardie of my own. The whole website is great and I love all the pics of the dragons and the sugar gliders! It's so awesome you rescue reptiles! I'll be visiting this site often because I'm sure I'll have questions in the future. Thanks for all the great info!

Christie (CA)

You are incredible and your website is great! You have helped me so much with my two dragons and I appreciate that more than you can imagine.

Charise (Bronx, NY)

I really appreciate your UVB research. It is the most comprehensive I have seen on the ENTIRE web! I have a savanna monitor and an argentine black and white tegu, both requiring significant amounts of UVB for health, and depending on the bulb, you can pay a lot or a little. So I used your site to determine if the bulbs I purchased were any good. I purchased the Repti-Glo 8.0 for the savannah and the 5.0 for the tegu. I use them in addition to some outside time when the weather is nice. Thank you for posting this information!

Ralph (Antioch, CA)

Thanks for your recommendations on the digital thermometer so the reptiles can have a more comfortable environment to live in. Appreciate your help and love your website. Keep up the great work!

Brad (Sherwood, OR)

I have printed out your nutritional page and have it posted on the fridge. Thanks for having this site, it is definitly needed. I rescued a little guy with a bent tail. He is now 10 inches and doing well, even if his tail goes in a 90 degree angle. His name is Bent and he is the light of my life. He eats well, is a good cricket hunter, enjoys his bath time, and is a real character. Thanks again for the health advice. You made it possible for me to rescue him and make him a part of my family.

Marcia (Tucson, AZ)

I almost cried when I read your rescue part of the site. I wish I could help out the way you do, but I just don't have the room. Although I have recently rescued a big fella from the local pet store, I can't imagine it compared to what you have done. Keep it up! :)

Shannon (Kelowna, Canada)

I am dedicated to Bearded Dragons! I love this website, it gave me lots of info on beardies and love for Veronica's beardies. I fell in love with them all. R.I.P. Lumpy, and good luck Socket!

Beardie Lover

I never sign guest books, but now I have to... just to let you know that your site is great! Every time I visit I find something new and informative. You have brought up stuff about keeping bearded dragons that you can't find anywhere else on the web! ;) So, well...thanks for sharing all this information! I have linked to your site from several sections of my site (Teo - the bearded dragon)! ;)

Take care! Gunilla (Karlstad, Sweden)

Magical site full of very useful information. Keep up the good work and all the best to you!

Dazz (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Keep up the great work on the deformed babies.... they are so cute I want to take them home with me! ;)

Kerri & Frank (Virginia Beach, VA)

Well deserved applaud! I check the UVB testing, and watching the results for my choice so far... the Zoo Med Powersun.

Christy @ Classy Lizards (Smethport, PA)

I salute you for taking on two "special beardies" Lumpy and Socket. The previous owner could not have found a better home. Evern with their disabilities, they are sure cute!!

Shelley (Didsbur, Canada)

This is a great website! It's very thorough and very inspiring...It honestly made me want to go save little beardies!

Taryn (Tallahassee, FL)

Veronica, Thank you for all the wonderful advice you gave me on Sobe. As he grows and gets better I will keep you updated. You have been AMAZING! Thank you!

Trisha (Goleta, CA)

This is the best Bearded Dragon site I have found! I HAD so many questions and Veronica has been so kind and patient in answering all of them. There is so much care involved in taking care of bearded dragons and I hope that everyone does the research involved before buying one. Thanks to Veronica I feel good about our two new beardies and taking care of them properly. I also know that if I have a question or need anything, she will be there for me. Thank you so much Veronica! :)

Holandia (Tucson, AZ)

I absolutely love your site and the research you are doing on the UVB bulbs! That info has already helped me. I can't wait for you to get more bulbs to test. I'd like to send you a bulb for testing. I'll be in touch with you soon.

Also, you probably don't know this but you just saved my 2 year old dragons life. He had muscle twitches and I didn't think there was anything wrong until I read about MBD on your website! I will be taking Max to the vet on Monday for a full evaluation and I will definitely be changing his diet! Great nutrition list too! Thanks a million! Randy (Baton Rouge, LA)

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