Feeding Nipples for 1cc Syringes

These latex nipples work great with 1cc syringes. But only when they are put on right (see directions below). They work exceptionally well when administering meds, slurries, and liquids. The nipple allows the reptile to bite down and chew on the soft latex instead of the hard syringe. They can be disinfected by soaking in Nolvasan solution or running them throught the dishwasher in sanitize mode. They are tough enough and should last though several feedings, unless you've got a good chewer on your hands. =D

Directions: Make sure both the syringe and nipple are dry. Turn the large end of the nipple inside out. Insert the 1cc syringe as far as it will go, then push the syringe even further into the nipple so you can see the tip of the syringe into the tip of the nipple. Roll the large part of the nipple back down onto the syringe. Give the nipple a tug to make sure it's secure.

Warning!! Even if you put the nipple on the syringe the way we suggest, and it feels secure, there's still a chance that an aggressive beardie could loosen the nipple and try to eat it. It looks like worm to them! Always keep one hand on the syringe and the other on the nipple!

What else do I need? You will need a 1cc syringe (without a needle).

$1 ea (does not include syringe)

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