CHE (Ceramic Heat Emitter) Bulbs - 60w, 100w, 150w, 200w, 250w

CHE's have been used in the reptile world for years. The benefit of a non light-emitting heat source is important when trying not to alter the reptiles day and night cycles. Keeping a bright light on 24/7 can deprive a reptile of sleep and cause them to stress.

We have these available in 60 watt, 100 watt 150 watt, 200 watt and 250 watt. We use several brands of CHE bulbs like Zoo Med, Zilla, and Exo Terra. The bulb you receive could be any of these brands, or one of the generic brands we also carry. Most likely it will be a name brand, but we cannot guarantee what brand you will receive. We just purchase which ever brand is on sale and that's how we can keep our prices so low.

WATERPROOF DESIGN: These bulbs are resist to humid environments. They have a waterproof design which allow them to work effectively in a moist enviromnent without buming out or breaking. So you don't need to worry about accidently getting the bulb wet when misting the enclosure.

LONG LIFE: These bulbs are rated for 10,000+ hours. That's over a year if used 24/7. We are going on 4.5 years with one of these bulbs that we put outside for Mojo, our backyard-dwelling Sulcata Tortoise.

INFRARED HEAT: Ceramic heat emitters use infrared rays (just like the sun) to transmit surface heat to your reptile and to the surfaces in the enclosure. You will not see a drastic increase in ambient temperature, but you will notice that any surface under the bulb will be nice and toasty. Use caution when using the bulb for the first time as the surface of the bulb can reach 450 degrees F or hotter. Make sure there is plenty of distance between the bulb and your reptile. Also, never place a CHE bulb inside the enclosure if there is any chance the reptile can climb onto the bulb. The reptile could be severely burned.

Since these bulbs get so hot (over 450 degrees F) they must be used with a ceramic/porcelain base lamp. These bulbs are not very tall and will easily fit into a small dome clamp light.

SHIPPING, DAMAGE, INSURANCE & WARRANTY: Due to the fragile nature of any type of bulb, we are unable to offer a warranty on this product. If a bulb is dropped but does not break, it may fail to work properly. However, if your bulb arrives and does not work, please let us know immediately (within 3 business days of arrival) and we will get a replacement bulb out to you or refund your money.

If the bulb arrives broken due to the post office damaging your package, we will have to open a claim (if you opted to purchase insurance) with the post office. We cannot accept liability for broken bulbs due to package mishandling unless you purchase insurance. We package these bulbs well for shipping, so any damage will likely be caused by mishandling by the postal carriers.

$26 - $30 (60 watt - 250 watt)

Bulb Sizes

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