Beta Carotene Powder - Natural Vitamin A

This is a 100% pure Beta Carotene Powder. Made in the USA, organic, and you can use it in your smoothies! Great for ALL reptiles!

Don't confuse Vitamin A (Retinol) with Beta Carotene. They are not the same! Retinol is a fat-soluable vitamin. Any excess in the body is stored in the liver for future use. That's why you can easily overdose on Vitamin A.

Beta Carotene is naturally found in orange and yellow veggies, like carrots. This natural Beta Carotene is a precursor to Vitamin A, and is naturally converted in the body to active Vitamin A. What the body needs the body will use. The best part about Beta Carotene is that any excess is not stored in the body, instead it's excreted in your reptile's waste. So you cannot overdose Beta Carotene! Worst case senario of giving too much Beta Carotene is a slight yellowing pigmentation of the skin. Some breeders of bearded dragons and geckos have been known to give Beta Carotene to give their reptiles more yellow in their skin. Just like a baby that loves their carrot baby food and their noses turn orange.

CHAMELEONS: Research shows that Chameleons also need Vitamin A in addition to Beta Carotene as their bodies may not make enough Vitamin A alone. Just be careful not to overdose. For Chameleons we recommend Repashy's Calcium Plus because it has both Vitamin A and Beta Carotene. We give Calcium Plus twice a month to Chameleons and Beta Carotene Powder once a week dusted on bugs.

For all other reptiles: Add it to slurries, gecko foods, dust your insects with it, sprinkle it over greens and veggies, and gut-load your bugs. Use it 2-3 times a week for general supplementation.

Keep in the refrigerator for maximum freshness. Will keep for a year.

$3.00 (1 oz bag, $3/oz)

$20.00 (8 oz bag, $2.50/oz)

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