Ok, you asked for it and here it is ... I've received several requests to add a page about myself. I'm a very compassionate person who has always had a love for animals. In 1996 I held my first bearded dragon. A young girl that was at a 4-H booth was displaying numerous reptiles, from boas to beardies. The girl asked what I would like to hold and I shrugged and let her decide. She reached into a large aquarium and brought out a beautiful light yellow colored male dragon. I held him for a few minutes and he looked up at me then closed his eyes as I gently massaged his back. I fell in love. That was all it took. I still remember that look he gave me and will never forget it.

If you're wondering how Beautiful Dragons was started ... it all started with Egor. I had Egor for only one short year. He developed MBD and at the end of his life he suffered horrible seizures and kidney failure. The sad part is that all of it could've been prevented with the proper diet. Since his death, my goal has been to educate others about bearded dragons so they won't make the same mistake I did. When I bought Egor, I got advice from the people at the pet store on how to care for him. There was never any mention of calcium and phosphorus ratios or UVB. Luckily I had a UVB florescent for Egor but it just wasn't enough. Egor loved his corn, broccoli, and carrots. If you've seen my Nutrition Page, then you will know that feeding those items on a daily basis could cause serious health problems in the long run.

Now I care for several of our own dragons plus several rescues who managed to find their way into my heart and home.


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